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Join mothers worldwide and discover the power of the most modern, comprehensive and complete Hypnobirthing online home study course


The Best Hypnobirthing Course Worldwide

By choosing the Hypnobirthing Hub Home Study Course you are more likely to have a pain free and fear free birth than any other Hypnobirthing Course. We have the highest ratings of mothers feeling empowered and completely comfortable during birth, than any other Hypnobirthing program worldwide.

These natural childbirth education classes online include essential childbirth preparation tools to ensure mother’s around the globe have natural but extremely effective pain relief during labor.

In addition to the best Hypnobirthing techniques in the world, it is also your complete birth education course. No matter what turn your birth takes, you have all the tools and knowledge to make the best choices and feel empowered in your birth.


Benefits of Hypnobirthing Hub

Just a few mind-blowing, eye-opening statistics from mothers using Hypnobirthing Techniques from our online Hypnobirthing Classes. Hypnobirthing Hub focuses on specialized prenatal classes, to create deep pregnancy relaxation.  By learning hypnosis for pregnancy, mothers relax deeply, with fear and anxiety quickly removed. These learnt skills are easily transferred to create hypnotherapy in labour. The consistent result is a pain free and calm birth for mothers and babies.

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Birth Plans and More

Caring hypno mother holding baby

87% Had no pain medication at all

Loving mother and child

87% Felt their childbirth was truly amazing

Hypno birthing mother smiling at the sun

89% Felt they overcame their fears and anxiety

Meet Kathryn Clark

Hypnobirthing Hub’s Director and Founder Kathryn Clark, is passionate about empowering women around the world to have the best birth experience.

Kathryn, a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Pregnancy and Birth Counsellor and Educator, developed the unique Hypnobirthing Hub program following the birth of her beautiful Hypnobirthing twins eight years ago.


What people are saying about the Hypnobirthing Hub

“Thanks so much for all the Hypnobirthing Hub information. The birth of our twin girls was so easy and completely natural! We arrived at the hospital 7cm dilated, midwives couldn’t believe it. I was so comfortable I could even walk in. Thanks again!”

Aliya, Nila, Troy and Eden, Australia

“Hypnobirthing Hub is such a favorite for me. It really provides an inner focus and centre point for the contraction (surges) and these Hypnobirthing Home Course women do really well with that and keep the sensations under control. They birth faster and frankly don’t need pain relief.”

Sally Simpson, Midwife UK

"I have seen varying degrees of relaxation in birthing. Last week, I was with a woman who used your Hypnobirthing Hub technique and sealed it for me, yours is the method that works!"

Julia Jameson, Midwife US

“ I like Hypnobirthing Hub births, because they are easy for me and I am more than happy with an easy day! These Hypnobirthing patients don’t seem to have the pain that others have, or the anxiety. I recommend all my patients to take the Hypnobirthing Home Study Course”.

James Welder OBGYN, UK

"With a Hypnobirthing mum my job is just to be here and watch in case I'm needed. When a woman is doing this well there's no need to rush to do anything else."

Dr David Stevenson (OBGYN)

"With a Hypnobirthing Hub patient, I take more of a watch and wait approach. I have seen enough of these births now over the years to know these women can do it without too much of me. I am really just their insurance”.

Dr David Browne OBGYN, US

The only Hypnobirthing Course you will need

It only takes 15 hours to be fully prepared for an easy, comfortable and empowered birth. It is quick and easy to master the techniques.

Are you ready to give you and your baby the best birth experience?

Tina had three wonderful Hypnobirthing Hub birth's and now is expecting number four. See more amazing videos

What's Included

Each of the five Hypnobirthing Home Study units consists of simply:

  • Reading - a section from the manual
  • Listening - to a 25 minute audio guide
  • Relaxing - to an MP3/CD as you sleep
  • Watching - a Hypnobirthing technique video

It is easy and quick to learn, and in no time at all you have fully prepared for your amazing birth. The course is designed for you to complete a unit over the space of a week, yet there is total flexibility on how long you choose to start and finish this full birth preparation course.


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