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Meet Kathryn Clark, Hypnobirthing Hub’s Founder & Director

Kathryn Clark has developed the unique, highly effective Hypnobirthing Hub program following the inspiring birth of her hypnobirthing twins eight years ago.

You can have a serene birth that’s free from pain and anxiety as well.

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Kathryn Clark Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Hypnobirthing Hub was created out of Kathryn’s passion to share her beautiful birthing experience. She’s a certified clinical hypnotherapist, pregnancy and birth counselor and educator.

Confronted with the requirement of having either a caesarean section or an epidural booked prior to the birth of her twins, Kathryn thought back to all of the women she had helped through hypnotherapy. In that moment, she made the decision to use her professional Hypnobirthing knowledge and proven techniques to help her have the natural birth that she had hoped for.

With the effective breathing and relaxation exercises she created and used throughout her pregnancy, she successfully diminished any uncomfortable pressure she felt.

Techniques Taught By A Certified Hypnotherapist

Kathryn used a combination of self-hypnosis, breathing techniques and relaxation tools to help her remain calm, yet alert throughout the birth of her children. The result was a calm, tranquil birthing that Kathryn remembered every second of with pride.

This amazing success story spurred Kathryn on to bring those techniques that made her birthing story so moving, to the world. Her Hypnobirthing home study course offer women the chance to let go of any preconceptions about the pain of childbirth to make room for a calm confidence, which will empower them throughout their pregnancy and birthing.

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