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“After a really terrible experience with my daughter’s birth, I was determined to find a different way when I got pregnant this time. My biggest fear came for the old memories, which still gave me nightmares, at times. I felt sure that the same thing would happen again. When I did the Hypnobirthing Hub Home Course, there were two things which really stood out for me.

First was that I can now see why and when things started to go wrong the last time. If only I had known all of this the first time around. Second, the “Fear Release” exercise made so much difference; they were really powerful. I actually felt the bad memories leave my mind. It did feel a bit surreal. I was able to completely let go of them and they didn’t come back, at all.

The nightmares also stopped. And with all the other techniques that I had learned, I spent the rest of my pregnancy looking forward to the birth and not dreading it. I think the key thing for me was being completely honest with myself about how I was really feeling about the birth, and not just pushing it all deep down. I know that if I buried it, it would just come back on the day.

I had a wonderful birth. Baby Asha was born peacefully and easily in the hospital after six hours of labour. None of the old fears came back and I was so pleased how calm, focused, and relaxed I was. I wish every woman around the world had access to these techniques. Thanks so much. I can’t begin to thank you for the key role you played in our birth”.

Sima Hardy Birth Stories
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