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I listening to the Audio book version of your course, I found it great when I got frightened by birth, the cd helped me relax and not see birth as a big deal. Even towards the end I got great sleep listening to the book made me so relaxed and it made my birth partner fall asleep.

I was due my baby the 8th Feb, I had pregnancy diabetes and my maternity hospital had a policy of not going over a week. I chatted with my consultant and we agreed on going 10 days over. On the 18th Feb no signs at all with my lil man coming, he was too cosy.

I got a tampon process (prostaglandin) at around 9am, me and my partner walked up and down the stairs all around the grounds and finally started around 6pm.

I owed my friend and my partner doing the surge breathing and reminding me of the beach I was able to relax at the contractions and picture myself in a place I felt most relaxed in Greece on a beach.

But with inductions, I remembered the book said the contractions were artificially painful and they were! I asked for the epidural and felt ok about it, as I know this was not normal labour.

I was ready I could feel the contractions very slightly a nurse came in and said they weren’t strong enough that I’d need a drip but I was adamant not to so, I worked with the contractions 5 mins apart the midwives were so great I did all my breathing and pushing perfect I didn’t miss one push 40 mins later with a bit of help from suction my beautiful baby boy Jacob John arrived at 12.20pm

It wasn’t my plan to birth like this, but your Hypnobirthing Hub book had me going in with an open mind. I wouldn’t change any of my wonderful experience from pregnancy to birth.

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