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I just wanted to touch base to let you know that Geoff and I welcomed a little girl, Lily Grace Miller, into the world on Sunday 16 June 2013. Lily weighed 6lbs 11 oz and measured 49cm long. Geoff and I are both enjoying Lily and parenthood. It’s a very interesting learning journey!

Regarding Lily’s birth, it wasn’t quite the natural birth we had in mind, but we had a great experience nevertheless. I had a natural onset of labour and it progressed really well (dilated 1cm every hour for half the labour). I was only having back pain, so the surge breathing wasn’t as effective, but the relaxation breathing, music CD and the Hypnobirthing mindset really helped Geoff and I stay calm, focused an alert throughout the whole process. Lily was also very calm as her heart rate was so consistent throughout.

I only got half way through the labour when Lily dropped into the pelvis posterior. This unfortunately halted the progression of the labour and Lily got stuck so I ended up having an epidural and syntocin to try and turn her, but when that didn’t work we ended up with a Caesarean section. All throughout I was very alert and calm and I really put that down to everything we learnt with you about Hypnobirthing. I see Hypnobirthing now more as a total mindset rather than just tools and techniques to manage labour. Geoff and I had a really great birth experience despite not having he natural birth we aimed for. I stayed in hospital for a while, which was great for learning about a newborn, and have been recovering very well as I didn’t have much pain at all post c-section.

I could probably use a bit more Hypnobirthing now with the daily challenges of a newborn, but Geoff and I have been very calm parents, and Lily is also very calm and well-tempered. She has been a really healthy baby. I’ve attached a photo of Lily a few days old from the hospital.

Anyway, thank you for teaching us all about Hypnobirthing. We felt we went on an incredible journey throughout the pregnancy and now into parenthood. Kind regards,

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