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“I decided to be pro-active and take control of my birthing experience. Accepting that I had to have a caesarean this time around didn’t mean that I had to leave all the decisions in the hands of the doctors. I was actually going to make this happen!

Everyone had been briefed as to what was in my birth plan and how I was going to contribute. “Okay, are you ready, here come the head and the shoulders, now reach down.” I reached down and linked my thumb and fingers around my baby’s shoulders and lifted him onto my chest. The nurse had removed my hospital gown and my baby and I lay together (skin touching) for the first time. He was so soft and flexible and curled straight back into a little ball. As he lay on my chest, the warmth in my heart was unbelievable, everything seemed so surreal and wonderful!

For the woman that are now having caesarean births or other types of interventions without choice, it is important that they too know they can still take control of their situation and feel a part of ‘bringing their baby into the world’.

Sara Arenberg Birth Stories
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