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“In my 18 years experience, I have found that the women who do well with the gas are the ones that don’t have any particular breathing technique for their contractions. It is so natural and normal to breathe deeply into the belly during a contraction and that is why Hypnobirthing is such a favourite for me. It really provides an inner focus and centre point for the contraction and these Hypnobirthing Hub Home Course women do really well with that and keep the sensations under control. The ones who don’t know what to do when a contraction comes; pant after the gas, as it forces women to adopt a slow and long breathing pattern. To breathe in the gas, you need to take a deep and powerful breath, like Hypnobirthing Surge Breathing. A few times, I’ve noticed that the gas canister has run out, but didn’t replace it as the women was doing really well with the breathing pattern, but just breathing air!”

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