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“After a day of mild twinges, I called the hospital to let them know I might be coming later to have my baby. Whilst chatting with the midwife, I had a few more twinges and she said I should come in.

After a phone call to my husband, he made a mad dash home, falling through the front door. He was panicking a bit and I was the calm one. So at the hospital, I was 4 cm, and the ‘twinges’ were real surges, but they just felt like nothing more than twinges.

However, every time I had a contraction, all I kept thinking about was how I was getting closer and closer to meeting my baby. I kept visualising my older daughter on the shore in my special place, which was a beautiful sandy island holding a baby, and with every surge, I would ride the crest of the wave. It was taking me closer and closer to the two of them.

My husband was amazing with the light touch massage and the prompts; I could actually feel the rush of endorphins through my body. It left me feeling spacey, but ultimately relaxed. The birth was WONDERFUL!! I loved every second of the experience. I made very little noise; I didn’t need to, as I wasn’t in pain at all. As soon as she was born, I said ‘I want another one’; I didn’t want to stop, I was enjoying it all so much!! I can’t thank you enough. I have recommended your course to EVERY pregnant women I have met!”

Honnie Swithers Birth Stories
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